Friday, February 28, 2014

Hawaii-At the Beach

 On Sunday, after church we drove around the island. We were staying on the east side of the island where it was overcast and raining. On the west side it was a little more warm and clear.

I love the color of the water and sand here.

Here are the other couples we are vacationing with: Chris, Olga, Marala and Carl.

The sand had lots of pebbles in it in some places. My feet were smooth at the end of the week.

It truly is a beautiful place.

On our side the island, up the road a little there was an area of beach that was rocky. The sign said that it is a whale sanctuary area. We saw a few whales out in the distance, but none close enough to take a picture.

The waves were pretty good that day because of the wind, so I got a few pictures of the waves against the rocky shore.

It took most of the day to drive around the island of Oahu because we would stop a lot to take pictures, stick our toes in the sand and eat. It was a great day.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hawaii-Pearl Harbor

Our first tourist spot in Oahu (that's where we spent all of our time in Hawaii) was Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. I was really excited about the place and all the history there.

They have a great museum and video about WWII and our efforts in it. Then we took a ferry out to the USS Arizona. It was a very peaceful, reverent place.

I thought the ceiling in the monument was so cool.

I wasn't able to get all the names on the wall because I couldn't scoot back enough with my camera, but here are a few.

There is still oil coming out of the ship into the harbor after all of these years.

(phone pic) us on shore.

The view from the shore.

Some fun, pretty flowers on shore.

Chris and Olga after the tour. 

I really enjoyed visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. It makes me want to watch the movie again after being there.

Hawaii-Our Rental House

I took about 800 pictures on our 15th Anniversary Trip to Hawaii, so I will have to break the blog posts into sections to cover it all. We had an amazing trip and I am so glad we went.
These things hanging from the trees are things that have washed up on shore from the tsunami in Japan. All the trees on the beach have them. Its crazy.

Kyle and I shared our vacation with his dad, step mother, aunt and uncle. We had a great time with them for those 10 days.

It was rainy and overcast for the first few days we were there, and then it was sunny the rest of the time.

The rental house wasn't much to look at from the outside, but it was perfect for what we needed. 

Our rental was on the ocean, but it had a rocky shoreline instead of beach. But the beach was just a short walk away.

This was a tiki statue I thought was cute by our house.
I am so glad we stayed in a house away from the major touristy area. It made our time much more relaxing.