Monday, December 29, 2008

New hats!

Here are the boys wearing the stocking caps that Mimi Bennett made them for Christmas. Cute, huh!

Shootin' at the farm

On Saturday we went out to the farm again. It is beautiful out there with all the snow.

Kyle went out there to try out his new gun he got for Christmas. He, Chris, Cory, Ken (Andrea's dad) and Justin (Andrea's step brother) went out shooting for a little bit. It was bitter cold, so I only stayed out long enough to get some pictures. On the way out there I sunk into snow knee deep.

Chris shooting skeet.

Kyle was pretty good on the shot.

This is how boys have fun on the farm in the snow. Crazy!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby Emma

I got to spend a little time with Cory's little girl Emma today while the boys were playing out in the snow.

She is really cute.
She was smilin and playin with us. I have forgotten how fun it is to take pictures of little babies. No, that does not make me want to have another one. We just finished with diapers.

Landon likes playing with her too. He isn't used to having someone around that is smaller than him.

Sledding on Christmas Day

Today, after we opened presents and played with them for awhile, we headed out to the Derrick farm north of town to go sledding and eat Christmas dinner. This farm is owned by Kyle's sister-in-law's parents. They get more snow than we do outside of town, and they have lots of land to sled on.

Here is Chris walking up to where everyone was sledding on a slight hill. Nothing too rough for the kids.
Andrea is all bundled up for the snow.

Cory threw a few snow balls at unsuspecting people.

Ken Derrick slid done the hill to try it out.

Kyle helps the kids when they get to the bottom.

Kyle also took a couple of turns of his own.

Landon isn't a bit scared to sled down this hill.

Landon tries out his new spiderman gloves he got for Christmas.

Kaleb loves sledding. After this, they got pulled in the snow behind a four wheeler. That was fun! I got cold before then and went inside so I didn't get any pictures of that.

Here is everyone at the top of the hill. It is almost a white out because all the white snow and clouds containing more snow in the background.

What a fun white Christmas!

A Wii Christmas

It is definately a Wii Christmas. With all the money everyone sent for the kids for Christmas we got the kids a Wii. We got 3 remotes and 2 wheels with Wii Play and Wii Mario Kart.

Landon is alittle young for it, but I am sure he will pick it up fast.
I got Kyle an extra remote for him so he can play too.

Yes, it is a video game, but it is interactive so they are jumping around not just pushing buttons.

Here they are in action playing tennis against each other.

What a great Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is always crazy when you've got 3 boys just dying to see what santa brought. This Christmas we woke up to a steady snow outside. It was beautiful.

I don't think I have ever had a real white Christmas like this before.

So here are some of the things santa left: movies, cameras, airplanes and lots of stocking stuffers.
Da got a book from Jim and Candace that shows pictures of the 7 wonders of the world.
Here is our stove that kept us warm this winter.

Both boys got a digital camera.

We gave Da a personalized calendar that has everyone's birthday on it so he won't forget.

Landon got an airplane to go with his train set.

Kaleb got Star Wars: the clone wars. He still loves star wars.

It was a wonderful Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had a little get together with Kyle's dad, brother and sister in law, her dad and step mother and step brother. Anyways, we ate dinner and put the kids to bed. It is the tradition in our family for the kids to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve. So they opened their pajamas and underwear (they were excited about the underwear). The two older boys got sleep bottoms and Landon got new feet pajamas.

Here is their annual pajama picture on Christmas Eve. They were so excited it was hard for them to get to sleep.
Then all the adults got together and had snacks and played "the game". It is kinda like sorry with cards and a bunch of house rules.
We were on teams across the table and Andrea and Chris ended up winning.

Here is Andrea's dad Ken and his new wife Julie. They were alot of fun to play with.

We had a great time and it was a nice way to spend Christmas Eve.

Live Nativity

For Christmas Eve our family participated in a live nativity that our church does every year. Everyone dresses up as Mary, Joseph, wisemen or shephards and they stand out in front of the church to reinact the the nativity story with live animals.
Here is our nativity scene: Kyle and I are Mary & Joseph. The boys are shephards and Kyle's dad Chris is a wiseman.
Here are our three shephards.
The animals were pretty good most of the time.
The donkey was a little skiddish and the sheep came off his hook once.
It was a nice way to kick off Christmas Eve and remember what the season is all about.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing in the Snow with Da

This morning the boys went out in the front yard and played in the snow with Da (Kyle's dad). Da shoveled the driveway and helped the boys make a snowman.
Cole made a tiny little snowman.

Landon mostly just ate the snow.

Kaleb started a snowman in the yard, but then they decided to use the hose holder as the base of the snowman against the front porch.

Da shoveled the snow in a pile for them to use on the snowman.

I love this picture of Cole. It is so nice to have a camera that takes great pictures.

Landon is so well trained that whenever he knows I have the camera he says cheese when I call his name.

Kaleb was the muscle behind the snowman.

Here is the masterpiece. Okay, so he is a little bottom heavy.
The boys had a great time in the snow with Da and it looks like we are going to have more snow tonight. Merry Christmas!