Monday, March 10, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

We had our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby this Saturday. I was in charge this year and I think it went pretty well.

Landon wanted to make a Tron inspired car. It didn't turn out quite the way we thought it would, but he enjoyed having it.

My pit crew!

The Wolf Den sang the Star Spangled Banner to begin our race.
Landon's car wasn't the fastest. He didn't win a trophy, but he did win "Most Colorful Car". I forgot to take a picture of his certificate. It was a fun event for the boys.

Around the House

We got a new puppy after we got home from Hawaii. She is a bull dog/hound mix. She is super cute.
The boys named her Anna after Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series.

 I took some pictures of my cute little nephew while we were babysitting him.

 And my cute niece:

 Finally, we lost our little kitty Lynx on Saturday. The boys found her stiff outside, with no signs of getting attacked or eaten by any other animal. Not sure what happened. We were very sad.

That's some random stuff that has been going on around here.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hawaii-Waikiki and Going Home

Saturday was our last full day in Hawaii. All of the family flew out on Saturday and we moved from the rental house to a hotel room in Waikiki.

We ate lunch at Jimmy Buffett's. It was yummy.

We cruised the shops and saw the "sights".

We stayed at a pretty nice hotel, close the the water.

This was our view from the hotel.

The beach was so crazy busy at Waikiki. I'm glad we didn't stay here all week.

Sunday morning we left for the airport to go home. 
This really was a great trip! What a great way to celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary!
Thanks to Mom, Cory and Andrea for helping watch the kids. We couldn't have gone with out them.

Hawaii-Polynesian Cultural Center

Friday night we finally went to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie (next to BYU Hawaii and the LDS Temple). We had a great time there.

Everyone was so nice.

We learned about the islands of Polynesia.

We rode in a canoe down the river.

We watched a show on the river.

We saw all the exhibits, then attended a luau and a show. It was a great night. We were exhausted.