Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kids School Christmas Program

Here are a few pictures and videos from the kids' Christmas Program @ school:

Cole with his teddy bear for the song.

Video of one of Cole's songs.

Kaleb with his class.

Video of Kaleb's class singing.

The kids were so cute and did a great job singing.

What happened to December?

Here are a few pics of the things that have been happening this month:

First, I forgot I hadn't posted any pics of our new "grown up" furniture that we got in October.

Mindi and her family came to visit us for the weekend on their way home from Thanksgiving in Wyoming.

This was our Christmas present to ourselves. I think I posted that we switched our playroom in the basement to a movie room. So for our present we got a new tv and blu-ray player for the movie room. We love it!

Santa came to visit Cole's school and gave away books.

Kyle took the boys skiing. They got the ski rentals for the whole season as part of their Christmas present. They took lessons the first day and were really good at it.

I took a weekend trip to Texas to see my little brother Dustin graduate from college @ Texas A&M University-Commerce.
We participated in the live nativity at church again this year. It is a nice way to remember the reason for the season.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day!!

Today is a snow day for us. No school (but Kyle still had to go to work.) The snow started yesterday morning, and by the time the kids got home from school it was several inches deep.

(some of the pics are fuzzy because I kept getting snow on the camera lens).

Landon went out first, before his brothers got home, and explored the backyard.

Landon catching snowflakes on his tongue.

Jumping on the trampoline.

and swimming on the trampoline.

When his brothers got home, Landon asked them to help him make a snowman.

Cole helped Landon make a snowman with a big ball on the bottom.

Here is their snowman.

Kaleb made his own snowman.
Then it snowed all night.
When the boys found out there was no school, they wanted to go play in the front yard.
They made snow balls.
Here is a soccer ball Cole found out there.
Kaleb was working on making some snowballs to start a snowball fight.
And here are some videos from this morning:

what a great day to stay inside and have some hot chocolate!

Decorating the Tree

The day after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree and decorations. We decided to put it downstairs because there wasn't room in the front room with the new furniture.

Kyle pulled his hamstring Thanksgiving Day in a turkey bowl game, so he sat down and handed out the ornaments while the boys put them up.

The boys enjoyed looking at all the ornaments and putting them on the tree.

Kyle had to get up and put the star on. It is tradition.

Here is the finished tree. It is pretty small, but we have had it for several years now.

Here are my cute boys sitting in front of the tree.
Let the Christmas Season begin!

Happy Thanksgiving

So for thanksgiving we went out to the Derrick (Andrea's Dad's) Farm and had a wonderful time!

Kyle made Meme's rolls.

Here is the farm. Little farm house.
The boys like to watch the cows.
Wide open spaces out here. It was a nice day and you could see the snow on the mountains in the distance.

Here are my boys and Andrea's nieces. They had fun playing together.

The boys love going to the farm because they can play with the bows and arrows.

They all shot pretty well. This was Landon's first time and he loved it.

I stayed inside with the food and Emma. She is Cory's little girl and so cute.

After dinner, the kids watched a movie on the big screen and the adults played BUNKO. It was fun and crazy. We had a great thanksgiving and are thankful for such wonderful friends and family we have to surround ourselves with this time of year.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trip to Denver

So we had our second trip to Denver to get Cole's check up. He got a clean bill of health and we had a fun little vacation.

Here are the kids in the hotel room. They got some new books on this trip.

We went and saw the Denver LDS Temple.

We spent most of the day on Friday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They had so much fun stuff there, and I took tons of pictures.
Here are a few:
TRex as you come into the building.

The kids enjoyed the space exhibit.
And the hands on exhibit.
More hands on (looking for dinosaur bones).

Animal Exhibits (from all over the world).

and of course the dinosaur exhibit.

On our trip back on Saturday we got a ton of snow dropped on us over Wolf Creek Pass. Not where you want to be when the snow hits. It was scary (luckily I wasn't driving). We didn't use the chains we bought (just in case), but it took us longer to get home.
We had a nice little vacation, but I think we will stay on this side of the mountains until spring is in full bloom!

Veterans Day 2009

We celebrated Veteran's Day by attending a program at the Elementary School.

We flew a flag out in our yard.

Here is Kaleb's part of the program.

Here is Cole in his part of the program.

A guy that works at the school talked to the kids. He is a former Marine that served in the Korean War.

There were several veteran's there to enjoy the program.

And here are some videos from the program:

It was a great day and Kyle was even able to see the show because he had the holiday off work.