Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chicago Day 3

I am finally getting around to putting up pics of our last full day in Chicago.

Kyle had training in the morning, then we picked up a Cubs game in the afternoon.
We got there late and the Cubs lost, but it was still fun. Wrigley field has a lot of history behind it, so it was great that we got to go.

These are statues of iron legs in Grant Park. They are really tall and cool to walk through.

This is the building where Dr. Richard Kimball got his man in the Fugitive. I love that movie and there are landmarks of the city all through the movie.

This huge statue was cool too. I always thought it was a painting and didn't know it was a statue.

This is the Chicago river. Every hour this water shoots across it.

That night we took a sunset cruise down the Chicago river and into Lake Michigan. My night pics are kinda blurry, but it was a great experience. Chicago is a fun city and I am glad I got to go with Kyle on his work trip.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chicago Day 2

Day 2 in Chicago-Thursday.
Today we took things a little slower. We woke up a little later.

Here is our hotel for the first 2 nights.

We took a walk through Lincoln Park and around the area. When we got tired we hopped a cab back to the hotel.

We spent the afternoon at the Museum of Science and Industry. Kyle really wanted to go here because they were having an awesome German UBoat exhibit.
This is U505, which was captured in WWII by the US and is the only one we have in the U.S. We took a tour inside and then learned all about its capture and what life was like inside during the war. Scary stuff.
After dinner, we went to the Art Institute of Chicago for the evening. Kyle just had to pet the lion!

It was dark at the museum when we got out. It was a clear, gorgeous night.

Also, that night we switched hotels to one closer to Kyle's training, which was by the airport. On Friday he spent the whole day in training and I spent the whole day in the hotel scrapbooking on my computer. It was wonderful! If you want to see what I got accomplished, just go to for by digi scrap blog.

More about our last day in the next post.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chicago Day 1

Here are a few pics from our first full day in Chicago. They are kinda in random order and these are just the highlights:
Navy Pier. We strolled the pier, shopped and rode the ferris wheel.

Buckingham Fountain.

Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. On the observation deck on the 103rd floor there are 3 boxes that you can step out into made of glass. While you are in there it feels like you are floating that high up. When you look down, all you see is the buildings and river below you. Freaky!

The Bean in Millineum Park. Cool statue that reflects the buildings around it.

The Art Institute of Chicago. Nice museum, but art museums aren't my favorite. I like the lions in the front.

The "L" Train. We rode on the elevated train/subway all week.

Uno's Pizzaria. Where deep dish Chicago Style pizza was invented. It was yummy but took 45 minutes to bake.
So we were going non stop all day and tried to fit in as much as possible. It was a great day!

Back from Chicago

Kyle and I went to Chicago last week while my mom watched the boys. Kyle had a training session there for work, so we went a couple of days early to see the sights. We got back last night and I have lots of pics to post. Hopefully I will get to them soon.
Anyways, we're back!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Landon's first day of school

So, Landon started his second year of Preschool today. He has the same teacher in the same room with most of the same friends as last year.He was excited about starting and didn't even look back as I left. What a big kid!

Here is his teacher Kristin. As I said, he had her last year and Kaleb had her for 2 years also.

I went to help with lunch today, so here is a pic of him eating his lunch.

And playing on the playground. Riding the bikes is his favorite thing to do out there. He goes round and round the track (sidewalk).

So, today was my first day of peace and quiet for a few hours. I went and worked out at the rec center, did some laundry, took a shower and worked on the computer. Not really exciting stuff, but it was nice.