Monday, June 25, 2012

Boys Playing Chess

The boys learned how to play chess while their cousins were here last week.
Now they are obsessed.

Who knew these guys would take to this game so fast?

Landon's Baseball Pictures

Okay, so I thought I had already posted these pictures, but since I can't find that post I'll post them again.
These are Landon's individual baseball pictures I took.

Here is the team picture I bought from the photographer.
Next year I will take mine at the park also so we can have alittle green in the background.

Kaleb and Cole's Baseball Pictures

As I said with Landon, I took the boys' individual pictures for baseball.
They turned out okay, but next year I will take them at the park so we have some green in the background.



Here is the team picture I bought from the photographer:

I can't believe their season is over! 

More Baseball

The older boys' baseball season is over (they got third place). Landon's team is still in their Tournament.
Here are a few more pictures from this season.

Cole batting lefty. The coach switched him and he has been hitting everytime since.

Cole in the dugout.

Cole on first base.

Kaleb batting.

Kaleb in dugout.

Kaleb on third base.

Kaleb running to first base.

Landon playing catcher.

He looks so cute with the catcher gear on.

Landon playing outfield.

Landon playing pitcher.

Landon running to second base.
What will we do with all that spare time after baseball is over?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family Reunion-Family Pictures

On Tuesday night, I got to take the family pictures for the reunion. We haven't had a Gropp family picture in about 5 years, so it was time. Everyone was at the reunion except Mindi's husband Jason, so it was a pretty big group.

The Gropp clan (minus Jason).

The brothers.

Chris and his children.

Cory Gropp family.

Chris and all of his grandchildren.

All the girls.

Jim Gropp family.

Kyle Gropp family.

Mindi Gropp Holloway family (we are going to try to photoshop Jason in later).

The sisters.
Lynnae Gropp family (and dog).

We all had such a great time at the reunion. These are memories we will cherish for a lifetime.

Family Reunion-Dunton Cabin

The main part of the Gropp Family Reunion was spent at the cabin in Dunton, CO. We had a great time with wonderful weather and lots of good food. Here are the highlights:

Lynnae's dog Archie joined us at the cabin. I actually wasn't allergic to him, which was nice.

Baby Grace laying on the floor eating a cookie.

Baby Beck playing with the kids outside.

Cailyn drinking hot cocoa on a cold morning.

Candace and her baby Beck.

Cory teaching his boy Colin to play badminton.

Little Colin on the stairs of the cabin.

Baby Cora on a blanket outside in the grass.

Chris holding baby Grace.

David with his hot cocoa.

Emma with major bed head! Love it!

A hummingbird on the feeder on the cabin porch.

Jessica snuggling in her blanket outside.

Jim eating cherries with baby Beck. 
Kaleb playing with baby Cora outside.

Keaton sitting in the shade.

Landon with his hot cocoa.

Maycie and Keaton look so happy to be there.

Squinty Cole on the cabin porch.

Little Emma with her gloves on.

We had a great couple of days at the cabin. We also went back into Cortez to go to the rec center pool, see a movie and play at the park. Lots of fun!