Monday, March 31, 2008

Gone on Vacation!

We are going on vacation, starting tomorrow morning. We are headed to Holbrook, AZ for 2 days and then to Flagstaff, AZ for 2 days. We are planning on going to Petrified National Forest and several National Monuments around there. We are staying in a Wigwam Hotel in Holbrook and going shopping in Flagstaff. It will be fun, and I will return with lots of pictures. Yeah Spring Break!!!!

Today was a Sad Day

I rarely post without a picture to go along with it, but I just had to share what happened today. I went to a funeral in town for Anelle Derrick, the mother-in-law of my brother-in-law (figure that one out). It was an unexpected death (complications of knee surgery) and she was only 55. It was a nice service and there were lots of people there. Then at the graveside service, it snowed, and most of us weren't dressed for it because it was sunny in town and the cemetary was only 15 minutes away. But what was great about the whole thing was the love that everyone expressed for her and what a wonderful mother she was. It was really sweet and I hope I go out like that one day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter on the farm

Like I said earlier, we spent Easter afternoon on the Derrick farm. They fed us a wonderful meal, we had an Easter egg hunt, and we played games around the farm.Yes, that is Cole with a bb gun. Scary, right? He loves it though and he is pretty good.
They had some baby chicks and ducks that the kids liked to play with. Landon just needs to work on his "gentle" touch, because he was squeezing them too hard.
Yes, that's me shooting a shotgun. I tried the bb gun first and did pretty well, but I don't like the shotgun because of the kick back. I didn't hit any skeet. I guess I'm still a city girl.
The boys shot bows and arrows into a big hay pile. Here is Kaleb, working on his aim.
Out in the pasture, they had three new baby cows, including this grey one that was really cute. Cory's dog Zoey had puppies too, so there were lots of little ones around the farm. It must be springtime!

Egg Hunts Galore!

We had two Easter egg hunts to go to this weekend. The first was at the church on Saturday afternoon.
The boys got quite a few eggs with candy in them, then they went inside to decorate real eggs.
Landon and his friend Thayer really had fun on the hunt.
Then on Sunday afternoon after church we went to the Derrick farm (Cory's wifes family) outside of town and had another egg hunt.
There were lots of eggs for all the kids, some with candy and some real ones. They were in the trees and in the yard. Needless to say, we are on a sugar high still today, but that is what holidays are all about, right?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Diggin' in the Dirt

The boys took the opportunity to enjoy the nice weather we are having and play outside together.
We have dirt in our front yard right now because we pulled up the rocks that were there, but haven't planted any grass yet.
So they pulled out their shovels and pails and dumptrucks and had a great time playing construction workers.
I'm sure they will be sad when we get the grass out there this spring. But for now, it was a nice afternoon they had playing together.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Never mind!

Well, I made a video of the snow that we had this morning, but as you can tell it is not downloading right. Anyway, it is mostly melted outside, so maybe we will have a good week afterall. Bring on spring!

Let me try that again!

More Snow!

Like I say on the video, I am so tired of snow. When I saw it snowing this morning, I was really bummed. We were all melted, riding bikes and playing at the park. I would rather not have snow on the ground for Easter. Hopefully the weatherman is right and the rest of the week will be nice.

Cole rides a two-wheeler

Cole finally learned how to ride a two-wheeler! We took his and his brothers training wheels off last fall and Kaleb took right to his bike, but Cole was really stubborn.
So now it is spring, and Kaleb has been out riding his bike in the afternoons. We tried several times to teach Cole, but he refused to even put his feet on the pedals. Then some friends of ours had a bike party on Saturday and I took the boys with their bikes. When we got there and Cole saw his friends riding bikes, he wanted to learn. So I helped him on a smaller bike (his friend Derek's) and he just started pedaling and was off. Then he hopped on his own bike and pretty much rode the bike the rest of the day. I knew he could do it if he just tried!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Visiting Telluride, CO

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so we took a drive up to Telluride, CO with Lynnae's family. Kyle skis up there alot, but I had never been during the ski season. It is a great place to visit year round.
When we got there, we rode the gondola down to the town and walked around. The kids really love the gondola. We found a place to eat in town and walked the main street. There are lots of shops to visit and sites to see. While on main street, we saw this plaque that was on the site of a old bank that was Butch Cassidy's first bank robbery.
Here is the whole gang (except me taking the picture) by the gondolas, ready to go home. As you can see there were quite a few skiers around that day.
Lynnae took this picture of Telluride from the gondola on the way back up to our cars. It is a beautiful place and we really had alot of fun.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sledding in Durango

We went sledding in Durango yesterday with our family and Kyle's sister Lynnae's family who is visiting from Texas this week. We found a great sledding place close by the ski resort there. The snow was coming down pretty hard at first, then it slowed down.
Kyle and Landon are watching as the others go down the hill.
Kaleb needs a push to get started. His first try he went off the side of the hill and caught some air. He thought it was fun, but it scared me.
Landon mostly enjoyed eating the snow rather than sledding in it.
Kyle takes Becca and Landon down the hill in the tube. The kids really had a fun time. The two older boys were off trying out the snowboards they had just rented for the next day. It was a great day!