Friday, March 22, 2013

New Baby Chicks with Gropps

While everyone was here, we got 18 baby chicks for our new in progress chicken coop.

The chicks will be in the house for 6-8 weeks before they move outside. They are growing super fast.

Lets Go Fly a Kite with Gropps

On several afternoons the kids (and adults) flew kites in the yard.

It was alittle too windy, but they got them flying.

Mesa Verde with Gropps

On Tuesday we went up to Mesa Verde for a picnic, hike and quick look around.

It was a great day.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sledding with Gropps

On Monday we took the kids sledding at Chicken Creek Trail in Mancos.


Everyone had a great time and enjoyed playing in the snow.

The Holloway Family.

The Cory Gropp family (minus Cory).

It felt like Spring Break in Colorado.

Gropps Come to Visit

Kyle's family came to Colorado for their Spring Break last week.

These are pictures of everyone just hanging around the house on Sunday.