Monday, August 2, 2010

Trip to Ogden

We took a trip to Ogden, UT a couple of weeks ago for Kyle's work. We spent several days in Odgen at the hotel, swimming and going to the park. Also while in Ogden, we went on this crazy hike up to the waterfall at the top of a mountain.

Here are me and the boys overlooking the Ogden Valley on our way up to the waterfall.
It was hot, so Kyle gave the boys a dip in the river.
It was a hard, up hill hike, but I finally made it to the waterfall. It was beautiful and cool and so tiring.

After Kyle's work conference, we went up into the mountains to camp and hike. We found this great spot to camp and went on a 8 mile hike through the forest.
We found this great spot to play in the river on our hike. It was refreshing and the boys had a blast in the water.

At the campsite, the boys set up their tent and we had some yummy campfire food. We stayed in camp 2 nights and then headed home. It was a great week with the family.

a Day at the Pond

We have spent several days this summer at a our friends the Smith's pond. They have a great pond on their property with a trampoline, paddle boat and little beach to relax on with the family.

Cole had a great time at the pond.
They had lots of their friends there and spent the whole afternoon playing in the water.

Everyone that goes out there has to wear a life jacket.

The kids liked to jump off the trampoline into the water. They also enjoyed the paddle boat and catching fish.
On the other side of the pond, in the trees, was this buck that was watching over us while we swam. This is really zoomed in but it was kinda fun to see him over there.
We had so much fun at the pond! It was a great summer day!

Landon's 5th Birthday

We had a big birthday bash for Landon's 5th birthday. We had a Toy Story 3 theme and 13 kids showed up.

The birthday boy had a great time with the hotdogs and cake and ice cream.

He got lots of fun gifts.
His cake wasn't so cute, but it tasted yummy.

We had water games including water balloons, water guns and a slip and slide.

Landon really enjoyed the water games.

It was a great party! Happy 5th to my baby!

What's going on this summer?

Here are a few odds and ends pictures from things we have done this summer.

We got a cement walk poured by the front door and a sprinkler system in the front yard.
Kaleb has participated in several scout outings, including this one at the Anasazi Heritage Center. As the Webelos leader, I have participated in outings with the older cubs too.
Kyle took some boy scouts on a bike ride from Cortez to Durango (50 mile ride). He had been wanted to bike this road for awhile and felt a sense of accomplishment when he finished.
We stayed with Jim and Candace while in Utah for Kyle's half marathon. They have a beautiful new home in Spanish Fork.

Kyle and his cousin Adam finished the utah valley half marathon. This was a big goal that Kyle had been working on all spring. I was so proud of him.

What a great summer!

Our Garden

We expanded our garden this year by 3 more boxes (9 total).
We planted tomatoes, 2 colors of green peppers, banana peppers, jalepeno peppers, green beans, cucumbers, pumpkins, onions and squash.

Here is what it looked like when we first planted.

and a couple of weeks later.

This is the banana pepper plant. We have already harvested lots of banana peppers, jalepeno peppers and one squash. I think I will get enough green beans this week to eat for dinner.

Gardening is so fun and great when you have the right climate. I love it!

Playing at the pool

During the summer, one of our favorite places to go is the local outdoor pool. The boys are great swimmers and enjoy the water.

Here is Cole in the water. He loves to swim in the deep end.

All of the boys love the slide. Even Landon can go by himself on it now.
Kaleb loves diving off of the diving board too.

Landon has been taking swimming lessons and is very comfortable in the shallow end now.
We try to go to the pool twice a week when the weather is nice. It is a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

Catching up!

It has been a long time since I have updated the blog. I am going to try to do a few catch up posts before I get to what is going on now. After school got out for the summer, we spent May and June on the baseball field.

Kaleb and Cole were on the Dodgers team together. They had an undefeated regular season.
Landon was on the Rockies tball team. He is learning fast how to hit and throw. He really enjoyed playing ball like his brothers.

After the regular season, the Dodgers played in the tournament for the championship, but lost their first two games and they were done. They are really getting good at baseball and had fun playing on the same team.
With baseball over at the beginning of July, we had the rest of the summer to keep ourselves busy with other things. More on that in the next post.