Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day to Me!

Okay, so I forgot to post that my birthday was on Friday. Happy Birthday to me! I spent the day relaxing after a crazy week! It was wonderful! We got fast food for dinner, so I didn't have to cook. Kyle made me some devils food cupcakes that were delicious.

My birthday gift from my boys was the complete series of Friends on DVD. Since we don't have television anymore, I was so excited about this!

Today was Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I woke up to breakfast in bed! My present from my boys was:
this digital photo frame. This is something I have wanted for awhile. I put a bunch of pictures from our trip on it for now. It is awesome. Kyle is going out of town tonight (after work) for a scout camp school, so my Mother's Day is pretty much over. Short and very sweet!
Have a great day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Opening Week for Baseball/TBall

The boys have been going to practices for a month, but now they have started their baseball/tball games.
Kaleb is playing in the Micros (machine pitch) baseball for the Dodgers.
His first game they won 10-8.

This is his first year, so we are just trying it out to see if he likes baseball or not. We'll see.

Cole is playing tball for the Rockies.

This is his first year too.

In tball, pretty much everyone just gets several chances to hit the ball off the tee. And since no one can catch the ball once it is hit, almost everyone gets a homerun or triple. It is fun to watch.

So with both boys in baseball/tball, Landon and I are pretty busy watching games or practices almost every night of the week. Game on!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our NYC Story: Day 9

Now it was time to go home. We left at 6:30 am NY time and were supposed to arrive in Albuquerque about 12:30 NM time.Here we were above the clouds.
We had an hour layover in Chicago. They have the whole thing dressed up for their Olympic bid.So we get on the plane and take off. Then about 10 minutes later the pilot comes over the loud speaker and says he is turning the plane around and we are going back to Chicago because of an engine oil light that won't go off. So we spend another hour in Chicago and arrive an hour and a half late to Albuquerque. Boy were we glad to be home!

Our NYC Story: Day 8

Friday May 1st:
Our last full day in NYC. We slept in and spent the afternoon in the Bronx.
We ate at Mario's italian restaurant. It has been there since 1916 (I think) and was mentioned in the book "the Godfathers" that the movie was based on. It is in Little Italy of the Bronx, which is bigger than it's Manhattan counterpart. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was cool too.
Then we watched a movie (XMen Origins: Wolverine) while we waited for the 7pm Yankees Game to start. The new stadium is really nice, although the rain was not.
Here is the inside of the stadium.

We sat way at the top in the cheap seats, but luckily they were covered. I think we had the best seats in the house because they were dry.

Great game and a great day (except the weather). A Great End to a wonderful anniversary trip.

Our NYC Story: Day 6 & 7

Wednesday, April 29th:
Today the high speed vacation started catching up to us. We felt like we had been walking everywhere (which we pretty much had) and were starting to wear down. We had gotten up early everyday and got back to the hotel late every night.

We started the day by grabbing breakfast at a little bakery and taking a walk through central park.

I love this view of the park with the buildings in the background.

Here is Bethesda Fountain that is always in the movies involving Central Park. We had a nice walk through the park to our next destination.

We spent the rest of the morning at the LDS Temple in Manhattan. It was so nice and quiet inside it didn't feel like you were in the city at all (it is located right across from Lincoln Center).

This is the Natural History Museum (like from "Night at the Museum"). Our plan was to go here next, but we were getting really tired.

So instead we decided to just go to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and call it a day.

They had this cool Temple and lots of Egyptian mummies and artifacts.

Kyle's favorite part was the armor room. Lots of swords and suits of armor.
After the Met, we went back to the hotel early (6 pm) and got room service. It was so nice to get some rest.

Thursday April 30th

We spent most of the day on the subway today. We took a 2 hour trip to Brooklyn to go to Coney Island.

Of course we had to have a famous Nathan's hotdog. It was good.
Coney Island was pretty empty. We walked on the boardwalk and out to the pier. It was a cold morning.

Here is the famous Cyclone roller coaster. It was closed. Actually, almost everything is closed until Memorial Day.

Then we took the subway over to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked over it to the Manhattan side.

Here I am looking over the traffic under me on the bridge.

Then we went back to our hotel ( 2 hours) and changed for our night out. Then we went back into Manhattan (1 hour each way) to eat dinner and go to the Lion King on Broadway. It was an excellent show! Really amazing.

Another great day in NYC!

Our NYC Story: Day 5

Tuesday, April 28
Today we spent most of the day at the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Intrepid Air Museum and the night bus tour.
This statue is in battery park where we caught the boat out to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. It used to stand in the World Trade Center and now stands as a symbol of the tragedy there on 9/11/2001.We took the boat out to the Statue of Liberty. We went up to the base (right under the feet) of the statue and into the museum there. It was awesome!
This is the boat we took out there. It was a beautiful day for a boat ride.
A lady took our picture together while we were at the Statue of Liberty.
This is Ellis Island. We went inside and learned alot through the museum. We were probably out in the New York Harbor for about 5 hours. It was worth it though, if you have the time.

This is Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy. It is the oldest pizzaria in New York, established in 1905. The pizza was pretty good, but I think I just don't like NY style pizza as much as others.
This is the Intrepid, a retired air craft carrier with an air, space and sea museum inside. This was Kyle's favorite place we went. They had tons of planes and military stuff inside.
Here is Kyle trying out the medivac chopper like the ones on MASH.

On the night tour we went by this mural on the side of the building. The guide said that it was a law somewhere that they couldn't remove or paint over this mural because it has the twin towers in it. Who knows?
We started the night tour before it got dark. It took us through Manhatten and over to Brooklyn. Here are some signs from Chinatown. It is like you aren't even in the US overthere.
Another great day in NYC.

Our NYC Story: Day 4

Monday April 27th-
Today we spent most of the day on a hop off/ hop on tour bus. We saw uptown and downtown. Lots of pictures, so I'll give you the highlights.

Grand Central Station. We took the subway here to check it out and have breakfast.

Here is the bus we hopped on and off of all day. If you got the right seat on the top you could get a wonderful view of the city.

Taxi cabs everywhere!

This is the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. Largest gothic style cathedral in the world.

A walk through central park. It was a warm day and there were lots of sunbathers.

You can't go to NYC and not go to FAO Schwartz. It was really cool!

They had lots of figures made of legos. I thought the boys would really like this Darth Vader one. Amazing!

Here is the "Big" piano.

Here is the United Nations Building. There are only flags up when they are in session.

We went to the Macy's on 34th Street. We didn't buy anything though.

Today we went up to the top of the Empire State Bldg.

Here is the view from the top. (one of them)

We went to this comedy club for entertainment and dinner. It was okay, but not our best entertainment or dinner this week.

Times Square at night. It was amazing and crazy. This is just the tip of the ice burg.

Another great day in NYC.