Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

After all the presents were opened and all the wrapping paper was cleaned up, we had a big Christmas breakfast to start the morning off right (bacon, eggs and caramel sticky balls).
Then every one went off to play with their new stuff.

Cole and Landon went to play with their new wii games together.
Kaleb went to go watch is new movie.
Then they decided to put their Star Wars Legos together. That was harder than it looked on the box.

Dad played Wii Resort basketball.

and I went off to my computer to look at the pictures of the day and post them here.
Today we plan on staying in our pajamas all day, play with our new games, watch our new movies and snack on goodies and leftovers from yesterday's party. It is going to be a great day!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning the kids woke us up early (but not until it was light outside) to open presents. Here are a few things they opened (not in order).

All the boys got a keyboard to share. We are going to have them take piano lessons next year.

Kaleb was excited about his new church clothes.
Each boy got a new wii game and movie.
I got the fablehaven book series and hunger games book series.
Kyle got this scout's cookbook and super mario wii game.
Here is Landon with his wii game. The boys also got clothes, games, books, candy and legos.
Landon made this at school for us. It is a poem and his handprints made into an angel.
Landon's stocking stuffers.
Cole's stocking stuffers.

Kaleb's stocking stuffers.
We all got lots of good stuff! We are super grateful for everything we got and all the blessings we have in our lives.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve during the day we had a couple of families over to eat a Christmas dinner and play games. Then we went and participated in the Live Nativity at church.
After we got home from church, we let the boys open one present. They got sleep bottoms and underwear. Here are their new sleep bottoms.

There were tons of presents under the tree, including used skis for the kids.

After they changed into their pajamas, we sang Christmas songs, read the Christmas story from the Bible, played Monopoly deal and had egg nog. Then we sent them off to bed. It was a great day!

Christmas Eve Nativity

We participated in our traditional Live Nativity at church on Christmas Eve.
We love this tradition because it helps us remember what Christmas is all about.
Kyle and I were Mary and Joseph.
Landon was a wiseman.
Kaleb and Cole were shephards.

The kids really enjoy this tradition. We get to dress up in fun outfits and see the real sheep and a donkey near the manger. There was no snow on the ground this year, which was alittle unusual. Most years I would be upset about that, but considering that we move in 2 days, I will be thankful for the warmer, dry weather.


We closed on our house Wednesday, Dec 22.
It was very satisfying to see the sold sign out in front.

Now it is time to move out and move on with out lives. We aren't sure exactly where that will be yet, but we are feeling blessed to sell the house so quickly and easily.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snowman Building

Here are some pictures of the boys building several snowmen in the backyard.

They are great snowman builders! We haven't had much snow this winter, but they enjoy it when the get it!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Landon's School Christmas Program

Landon had a school Christmas Program last week.
They sang songs and got to wear pointy hats.
This was all the kindergarteners in the school. They were so cute!

Afterwards they had hot cocoa and Santa came to visit. It was a good evening.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our new home

This is our new rental house. It is a cute little place just south of town on 2 acres.
It is alot smaller than our house now, but it will be sufficient for our needs for now. It is 3 bedroom, 2 bath with 2 living areas. It also has a big shed out back to store the rest of our stuff.

Our little house on the prairie (for now). We move in Dec 27.

Christmas Cookies

For this FHE, we made Christmas sugar cookies.
The kids love frosting cookies and putting sprinkles on them.
Kyle humors me while I take pictures.
They love to eat them even more.

I think this is their favorite FHE of the year.

Christmas Lights

Even though we are moving out 2 days after Christmas, I still wanted to do alittle decorating.
We just put lights on the porch and in the yard this year. We didn't put any on the roof because we would have to take them down so soon and we didn't want it to be in the snow.

I still like how it turned out.
Here it is during the daytime.
I like the bows on the porch.

These are new this year. I think they are cute.

Decorating the Tree

We usually decorate the tree the day after Thanksgiving, but since we just got back from Texas, we did it for Family Home Evening on Monday.
The kids love looking at the ornaments and picking out their favorites.
Kaleb wanted to wear the santa hats while decorating the tree.
Dad always puts on the star.

I love the pictures with the glowing lights. It feels so warm to me.

Here are the boys with their hats on in front of the finished tree. This will be the last time we celebrate Christmas in this house. We moved in Christmas Day 2006 and we will move out 2 days after Christmas 2010. We sold the house and will be moving to a rental until we find out what is happening with Kyle's job.