Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cole's Birthday Pictures

I took Cole's 10th birthday pictures today after school.

I wanted to get lots of pictures at the skate park, but just after we got there some questionable people showed up. So we moved on.

This is my favorite shot. I like his expression and how his hands frame his face.

This was the pose he wanted to do.

We had a fun time together. We roamed around the park trying to find good picture spots and not get into too much snow. He was a great sport to indulge me for awhile to take some pictures.
These are just a few of my favorites I took out of about 30 that came out good from the session.
Happy Birthday Cole!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Durango Basketball Game

I forgot to post the pictures from the high school basketball game against Durango on Tuesday night.
Fans welcoming the team on to the court.

The choir singing the national anthem.

My boys in their blackout shirts.

Durango is a big rival for us, so we had a blackout game. Almost all the fans wore blackout shirts, which was also their ticket to the game.

Cory gets alittle emotional in the games.

We lost in overtime to Durango, but it was such a fun game. It was super intense and close the whole time. It was CRAZY!

Valentine's Day @ school

The boys had lots of fun for Valentine's Day at school today.

The older class had yogurt parfaits as their Valentine's Day treat.

They also exchanged valentines with their classmates.

The younger class had a Valentines Day party. They wrote a "love letter" to whomever they wanted.

They made Valentine's bags and exchanged Valentines.

They ate lots of yummy treats.

The boys had great Valentines Day @ school.

Balloon Launch

At school today the 2 older kids did a balloon launch with their class.
It was a science experiment where they made their own balloons and then today they launched them.
Their teacher lights the flame.

Well, none of the balloons launched. Experiment failed. That happens in science sometimes. I am just so thankful that their teacher is actually teaching science (and history).
They are going to try it again another time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Making Valentines

Yesterday the boys put together their valentines for their school party tomorrow.

Love these boys!