Sunday, June 30, 2013

Planting Our Garden

We have been waiting to plant our first garden at the new house until we got our big deer fence put up and the weather was warmer.
The kids helped plant the tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and broccoli that we started inside.

We also planted carrots, squash, cucumber, pumpkin, corn and onion from seed.

It has been so windy here that I hope the plants hold up.

I love planting a garden and missed it so much last year when we didn't have one. I hope it all goes well and we have a big harvest this fall.

Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa Slate came to visit us during our first week of summer vacation.
He brought the boys Dallas Mavericks shirts, which they love.

Cole was happy that Grandpa would play games with him while he was here.

While Grandpa was here we planted the garden, went to the pool and watched lots of baseball games.
It was a great visit and I am so glad he was able to come.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend we went camping at Vallecito Lake near Durango, Co.
We had a great time camping and eating around the campfire.

The boys played in the stream in the campsite.

We took Trixie along on her first campout. She hated the leash and chewed through it while we slept. When we woke up, she was off the leash and sitting by our tent waiting for us to wake up. I guess next time we will need a metal leash.
On Memorial Day, we went to the park by the river in Durango.

We took a walk over and around the river.

Here are the boys on the bridge over the river. We also picked up Grandpa Slate from the airport this afternoon. I will post pictures of his visit soon.

Baseball Heats Up

Baseball games started up in May, right after we got home from Texas. This year the teams chose Minor League team names instead of Major League.
Landon was on the Storm.

He enjoys playing catcher and second base.

Kaleb was on the Rivercats. 

He likes to play second base and short stop.

Cole played on the Riverdogs. Of course they have to be opposites.

Cole learned how to pitch this year and also enjoyed playing catcher.

Baseball is our life right now.