Saturday, January 23, 2010


Our family went snowshoeing with the cub scouts on MLK Day last monday.
Here is our family pic. We had so much fun.
Kyle relaxing in the snow.
Here are the cubs and all the other boys that came.
Landon, Cole and Dad on the hike.

And here is the guide that taught us how to wear the shoes and led us through the forest.

We really enjoyed snowshoeing and may have to get some shoes for our family.

MLK Peace Walk

We participated in a Peace Walk around the park with Landon's preschool for MLK day.

There was snow on the ground but it was sunny and pretty warm.

We had a big group for the walk.
It was fun and educational for the kids.
Some of the kids made peace signs.
Peace. Love. Joy.

New Years Eve 2009

So we spent New Years Eve at home this year.

We had lots of snacks and goodies.

We watched Harry Potter 1 & 2. Cole and Landon fell asleep during one, so we put them to bed and started two.
Kaleb made it through both movies and stayed up past midnight. He was so excited!
Welcome 2010!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

So Christmas day was spent opening presents and playing with new toys.

Here are some of my gifts.
And the book I got for Kyle.
Landon and his gifts.
Cole's new sword.

Kaleb's goodies.

Then we had a big Christmas breakfast.
And we played some card games the kids got in their stockings.
Kaleb played with his sword outside.

Landon loves to ride his new scooter outside, even if there is snow on the ground.

And then we watched a Christmas Story on our new flat screen (& blue ray) that we got ourselves for christmas. So much fun!

Christmas Eve 2009

Okay, so I am alittle behind posting these. We had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas Eve we spent at home. We made and frosted christmas cookies. We played games and watched movies.

The boys opened one present before bed-their new sleep bottoms and underwear.

And here is how the tree looked before we went to bed. Nice and peaceful.