Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Trip to Texas-Lynnae's House

The next few nights we stayed with Kyle's sister Lynnae in Bryan. The first full day we were there, it rained all day. So we decided to go to Grand Station-an entertainment place for kids. We went bowling, played laser tag, glow in the dark mini golf and arcade games.

My hand was hurting after 2 bowling games.

This was the first time the kids had gone bowling. They really enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Kyle beat us all (of course). It was a fun filled day of food and games. Luckily, we will have better weather the next several days of the trip.

Our Trip to Texas-Grandpa & Ann's House

We spent one night @ Grandpa and Ann's house in Forney. We took the kids to the park down the street to play for awhile.

They really love the climbing things.
What a bunch of monkeys!
We also played at the house. Here are Kaleb and Ann playing checkers.
The boys also played Wii with Grandpa.

We had a nice visit, even though it was short. We love visiting family!

Our Trip to Texas-Dallas Zoo

We went to the Dallas Zoo with Grandpa and Ann on Sunday afternoon.

I love this picture of Kyle and I:
Kaleb was drawing a turtle in the children's area.
Landon is almost as tall as an Emperor Penguin:

Here are the boys at the zoo entrance:
We waited in a long line by the petting zoo so the boys could each ride a horse.

They all enjoyed it, even though they only got to go one time around.
It was a beautiful day for going to the zoo and we had a great time with Grandpa and Ann.

Our Trip to Texas-Mamaw & Papaw's House

Our first stop on our trip to Texas was 2 nights @ my grandparents' house.

The kids love playing with their great grandparents.

Landon enjoyed playing outside in the same rock garden I played in as a child.
Here is their house.
Kaleb and Cole enjoyed trying to beat Papaw @ checkers and connect four.

Landon helped Mamaw take birdie (the dog) for a walk. It was a nice day, although still alittle cool.
We enjoyed seeing the Slate's and visit with them. While there we were there we shopped in Mesquite and saw Alice in Wonderland in 3d. The kids LOVED that!

Watching the Olympics

After our difficulty watching the Super Bowl online, we decided to get an antenna for the roof so we could watch the Olympics. It was so fun to watch all of the winter sports.

I really enjoyed the skiing, ice skating and snowboarding.

We are really trying to find a way to go to the Summer Olympics in London 2012. If we can save the money and find someone to watch the kids, we are definately going!

Music in the Park-Moab, UT

While in Moab, we found this city park that had outdoor musical instruments.
The boys thought this was really fun.

Drums, xylophones and more. . .
Too bad we don't have something like this closer to home!

It was a great distraction from the cold. Lots of fun!

HIking in Arches NP

Kyle had President's Day off from work, and was really anxious to get out and hike. The weather said it would be warmer (atleast the 40s), so we decided to drive to Arches NP in Moab, UT (about 2 hours away from home).

When we got there, there was still alot of snow on the ground.
The kids weren't really up to hiking in the snow, but after the drive we told them they didn't have a choice. It was cold and windy, but it didn't snow on us.
There is something cool about snow in the desert. It was beautiful. We hiked to landscape arch, which is hard to see here because it blends into the background.
Here are my boys in front of the arch.

It was a nice little vacation for our family. Even though it was cold, we had fun together.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We got a babysitter for the morning and went to the Monticello Temple with our ward and then lunch. Kyle's dad is in town with his girlfriend, so they went with us. It was a wonderful day!

Super Bowl 2010

We watched the Super Bowl at home, just us. It was really snowing heavy outside, so the kids went out to play in it.

Cole was still grounded, so he had to watch his brothers build a snowman from his bedroom window.

Kyle and I watched the game and had lots of snacks. We had the tv connected to the internet, which kept having problems. Not the ideal watching experience, but it worked okay.

We didn't really care who won, but it was still fun to watch.

Cole's 7th Birthday

Cole celebrated his 7th birthday February 5th, 2010. He got in trouble at school the day before and then again that weekend, so we didn't celebrate his birthday until the next week (when he got finished being grounded.) That night though we went to a basketball game at the local high school and had fun.

Cole got some great gifts and hopefully learned some lessons the hard way.
Happy Birthday Cole!

Cross-country Skiing

Okay, so I have a lot to catch up on. I will start where I left off in January. . .

Kyle and I went out to our friends (the Partington's) home to go cross country skiing. Ang went out with us. It was the first time any of us had cross country skied, so we weren't sure what to expect. It was more difficult than I expected, but we had fun and enjoyed the pretty winter day.