Friday, December 27, 2013

Park City Ski Vacation- Part 2

 One night we went down to the Historic Park City to see the shops and restaurants.

We bought our traditional trip ornament and saw some fun shops.

We also went the the Olympic Park. They have a 2 great museums there. One about skiing and one about the SLC 2002 Olympics.

There is a great view of the valley below from the Olympic Park.

Park City was a great and fun place to go on vacation.
Time to go back home and enjoy the holidays!

Park City Ski Vacation Part 1 (Large Post)

We had a wonderful trip to Park City, UT the week before Christmas. I took tons of pictures. 
Here are a few from my iPhone:

Me on the lift:

The view from the lift:

We spent 3 days at the ski resort and had a great time. Sorry for the overshare!

This is the magic carpet that I spent all of the first day on. You ride on your skis up the hill and then snowplow down. Over and over again.

On other days, we would spend some time in the game room and pool of the place we were staying.

They also had arcade games there.

We really enjoyed the timeshare condo we stayed in. It was 3 stories, with the garage on bottom and the master bedroom on top. It was perfect for our family.

They had a pool and hot tub outdoors that were heated. Nothing like sitting in the hot tub in the snow.

We spent one day in Salt Lake City, shopping and visiting Temple Square.
We also took the kids to see Frozen, which was a great movie.

What a great vacation!