Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Derrick

We have a new nephew! 
Cory and Andrea just delivered their 4th child and he is so cute!

The older kids were so cute and excited to see the new baby.

Grace wasn't sure what to think. She isn't the baby anymore.

For some reason the family pictures I took didn't come out very well. We will have to try again soon.
Congrats on the new baby! He is adorable!

New RV

Well, it has finally happened. I shared on Facebook some pictures of our new RV.
Our family camps a lot, so after many years of wanting an RV-we finally got one!

We went to Salt Lake City last weekend to go RV shopping and came back with this one. It is big enough for our family with double bunks and queen size bed for Kyle and I. I am excited about the bed and bathroom. 
Here's to lots more weekend camping trips.

Boy Scout Bike Ride

Last year we participated in a 50 mile bike ride and campout with the local Boy Scouts.
This year we did a 25 mile bike ride and campout and Kaleb was old enough to ride.

Kyle rode with the boys as well. 

Kaleb did a great job even though he didn't have a road bike.

The ride was from Lizard Head Pass to Bear Creek Trailhead. It took the whole group about 2 hours, but they did great. At the trailhead the boys played in the river and we had a cookout for lunch. It was a fun day.

Landon's 8th Birthday

Landon had his 8th birthday this month.

We had a cookie cake for him at home and he got a new bike.

His all star tournament was on his birthday in Durango, so we also saw Despicable 2 for his birthday as well. 
Landon will have his baptism in August when his Grandpa can come. We look forward to that day.

All-Stars Baseball

As most of you probably saw on Facebook, we extended our baseball season this year because all 3 boys made all star teams. (Cole was an alternate for the 9/10 team but didn't play).

Kaleb played for the 10/11 team. They got second in their district.

Landon played on the micros (machine pitch) team. 

He hurt his hand while playing catcher. He had to come out of the game when he reinjured the same hand.

Landon's team won the championship, but the last 3 games were on Sunday so we didn't go. Landon was hurt anyway, so he wouldn't have played.
The boys were so excited to play all stars and had a great time.

July 4 2013

We had a wonderful July 4th! 
I took this yummy treat to a party at a friends' house.

Here are the boys in their patriotic shirts.

We went to the park to watch fireworks.

We took Trixie with us. This picture was taken as the fireworks started.

Here's to another great summer!