Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lost Pictures

I am having some computer problems and lost atleast a month of pictures. I still am very upset about it, but I can't do anything about it. Let's just say I hate Windows Vista and am upgrading to Windows 7 (and eventually a Mac).
Here are some scrapbook pages I did recently. Besides the first one, they are made with the missing pictures (mostly back to school).

Cole lost his first tooth:

First day of 3rd grade for Kaleb:

First day of Kindergarten for Landon:

First day of 2nd grade for Cole

Hopefully I will get the pics back, but if not I have these pages to save. Maybe if I had been better at updating the blog we would still have these pics on here. Live and learn.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine is doing wonderful this year! Everything is growing like crazy! We have had alot of rain in August, which has helped.

Look at all that green!

I have a ton of banana peppers.

Lots of green beans too!
I canned salsa, green beans and dill relish so far. All that yummy homemade canned food. I love harvest time.

Out on the lake

We took the canoes and some other boats out on the lake with some friends one weekend. Kyle loves the canoes (he borrowed from the boy scouts).
He could stay out there all day.
A lazy day on the lake. It's summertime!
Cole went out with a friend of ours fishing. He caught a couple of small fish, but threw them back.
Landon took a ride with me on the canoe and then in a friends paddle boat.

Here is Cole fishing from shore. He loved it.
What a great summer day at the lake!

Waterfall hike in Telluride

We took the Webelos on a hike up to the waterfall in Telluride, CO. It was a nice hike and a beautiful day for it. Kyle, our friend Michelle, and I took the boys on the hike for their Outdoorsman Badge.

Group picture before the hike. You can see the waterfalls in the background.
Michelle took our picture in front of a smaller waterfall on the way up to the top.
Here is the waterfall. We ate lunch here and the boys played in the water. We have had alot of rain, so the falls were pretty strong and underneath was pretty muddy.
Another group picture, this time in front of the falls at the top of the hike.

I was so glad the weather held out and we didn't get rained on. I would recommend this hike to anyone. It was a great day.